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Services to Students

  • Selection of course of study based on previous studies
  • Preparation and guidance for English and aptitude tests like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and SAT
  • Shortlist universities/colleges according to intended study area, admission chances and location preference
  • Advice and help for sponsorship and finance
  • Applying to chosen institutes and getting admission
  • Help with academic documentation such as statement of purpose, questionnaires, references and recommendation letters
  • Filling up the visa form online/paper
  • Comprehensive preparation for visa interview with proper etiquette

Services to Skilled Workers

  • Formatting of current work experience according to requirements and shortage occupations of various countries
  • Preparation for English tests like IELTS
  • Guidance on getting proficiency in French, Spanish, German or other European languages
  • Support for adaptability in foreign countries
  • Valuable advice on how to get work permit, permanent residence and citizenship
  • Assistance in securing job or setting up business
  • Guidance on how to avail government-supported work, benefits, pensions or public funds

Services to Partners, Children and Parents

  • Analysis of current social and economic circumstances, sponsors state of affairs and past travel history for chances of visa
  • Systematic filing of application
  • Full preparation for interview if required
  • Guidance on school admissions for children
  • Information of available rights and benefits

Post-Landing Assistance

  • Airport pickup and transfer
  • Arrangements for accommodation in shared houses, hostels, etc
  • Counselling and support for adapting to a new lifestyle and culture
  • Guidance on how to get various official documents like insurance, bank accounts, health card, driving licence, etc
  • Briefing on college/university rules and procedures
  • Comprehensive help in job-seeking
Free Assessment

Free Assessment