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Study In Australia

Why study in Australia?

From architectural wonders such as the iconic Sydney Opera House to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has spectacular places which students can visit.

Australia attracts almost 300,000 international students to its major cities and towns. According to official reports, some of the most popular Australian cities amongst international students include (based on the cost of living, livability and university choice) Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney.


The people in Australia are warm and welcoming. The rich indigenous community is a big part of the Australian culture and ethnically diverse societies. The country is home to migrants from over 200 countries, including the UK, China, India and New Zealand, making it a vibrant mix of cultures and lives.


It might take some time getting used to the climate in Australia because its climate varies from one place to another. The same climate that you experience in the northern section may not be the case when you move towards the south.


A majority of students in Australia prefer off-campus accommodation. The transport system is pretty efficient and quick, making it easier for students to commute daily to their universities from the location of their stay. University campuses do have on-campus accommodation for international students. You will have to do a thorough research since stay and transport are key to live in any city.

Food and drink

You will eat almost everything, from seafood to native fruits and vegetables and drink to your heart, not only ginger beer and cordial but also some freshly brewed coffee (which has a vast history too). In 1901, during the federation, the practice of having outdoor picnics became prevalent, and it was during this time some main staple food like mutton, meat pies and lamb chops were introduced as barbecue food.

City life

Some of the best cosmopolitan cities include Sydney and Melbourne. Most universities are located in urban or sub-urban areas so a variety of city life comes with it. You will find yourself enjoying many recreational activities during your stay. There are several other spectacular places to visit in the country during your studies, such as the Bondi Beach, Uluru, Fraser Island, Whitehaven Beach and, undoubtedly, the Great Barrier Reef.

Almost every city is well connected by roads and rails and it won’t be tad difficult for you if you want to move quickly from one place to another, on a limited budget. Some cities offer different travel cards for those who want to travel on a fixed budget in hand, such as Myki card in Melbourne, Opal card in Sydney, SmartRider card in Perth and Green card in Tasmania.

Cost of studying in Australia

An undergraduate degree could cost AUD 10,000–30,000 and postgraduate and PhD degrees could cost AUD 20,000–40,000.

The average living cost in Australia has been estimated to be AUD 18,000 per year. Accommodation costs could be $440 per week and transport and groceries could cost $15 to $280 per week.

Scholarships for international students!

Scholarships offered to international students are purely based on merit. In some cases, scholarships cover both, tuition and living expenses. Apart from some universities and colleges offering scholarships, many government sources offer a number of scholarships or financial aid for international students. Some of the popular scholarships available for international students are:

  • Australia Awards
  • Australian University Scholarships
  • Edith Cowan Scholarship
  • The University of Sydney
  • Deakin College
  • La Trobe University.
  • Federation University Australia Scholarships.
  • The University of Queensland
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